Professional Organizer & Personal Concierge

Carol Jensen, of Jensen Services LLC, is a certified professional organizer offering guidance to draw upon all of your inner stores of energy and essence to obtain organized spaces in your home.  

Whether you are single, a recent college graduate, newly married, pregnant, caring for children or your parents, or are an older and wiser adult, Carol will help you find answers to simplify your routines and regain order.

Carol will analyze your situation ~ a short-term challenge, or a long-term need. She will help you remove the rose-colored glasses when looking at your space and will teach you to go deep within so that you can make your choices and decisions from a position of power.

As an empathetic partner in the process, she will help you sort through the things you NEED and love. She has learned it takes one-on-one, in-person support. Having a boatload of books and organizing tools is often not enough. Accountability and gentle support is key.

As you develop new habits, Carol will cheer you on as you stay strong despite obstacles or distractions. She will help you maintain order, if for whatever reason, you are unable to.

With dedication and perseverance you experience  success and renewed pride in your surroundings!

If you need further assistance to remain in control of your life, Carol is now offering expanded personal concierge services. Please go to the “Services” page.




Certified Home Organizer Roanoke, VA