“Woe is me!”

When I get emotionally stuck and begin muttering, “Woe is me!”, I know it is time to give myself a quick kick in my butt. This mindset happens to ALL of us whether we admit it or not. Here are some kick-in-the-butt resources: true friends, loving family members, business associates, counselors, yoga, meditation, emWave/HeartMath, along… Continue Reading

“Carol, where do I begin?”

Since starting my business in September 2004, this question has been asked of me by almost every man and woman client, “Carol, where do I begin?”. Followed by, “Please, I need your help”. Dealing with our possessions is complex. We might be the neatest and most organized person in the world, but there may come a… Continue Reading

Pretty Heirloom Dishes – Treasures – Friends

    In honor of springtime, I invited a dear friend over for lunch this last Thursday, April 13th. This was my way to: Honor and love myself. Pamper my friend. Justify keeping these treasured dishes from my grandmother by USING the dishes. (As the story is told, these dishes survived the Chicago Fire.) Naturally… Continue Reading

Time flies when …

… you are having fun and even when you aren’t having an easy time! My last blog post was on December 8th. Goodness how time flies. Brief summary of the last few weeks of fun: The holidays – peaceful and calm One debit card was hacked – Time consuming and stressful Changing banks – Time consuming… Continue Reading

Smile – A Simple, Perfect Gift

A smile is inexpensive. Smiling is usually contagious. A smile will warm the recipient’s heart for a moment or for a whole day. When a smile is returned to you, your heart will sing. Look into the mirror and give yourself a smile. You need to take care of your heart. A smile may simply… Continue Reading

Plants – Bah Humbug!

Bah humbug, Carol! Now you are saying there may be “Cons” in giving plants as gifts! Simply be thoughtful and consider: Does the recipient have the proper light requirements for the plant? Does the recipient have space for the plant? Is the recipient able to care for the plant? Does the recipient have animals or… Continue Reading

The perfect gifts to give this month or any time of the year.

#1 – YOUR TIME No matter the age, giving your of your time, being truly present, asking questions, listening, responding with love … in my eyes are the greatest gifts any time of the year, not just during the holidays. If you live far away, schedule a time to call or SKYPE. If your loved one… Continue Reading

What Goes Up, Usually Comes Down …

1. Resolve to pack up the Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations before you put up the December decorations. 2. Discard or donate: the broken, unused, unwanted decorations. 3. Use clear containers, label on two sides – like items. If you have time, tape an inventory on the outside of the container, especially if the container is not clear.… Continue Reading

#4 – Moving – Blessings and Glitches

In my previous posts on November 2 and 14, I emphasized the importance of: Avoiding dust, mold, critters. Taking care of yourself. Downsizing, or rightsizing. Pray without ceasing. Being thankful for the abundant blessings in life. No matter how organized you are, how much time you have to prepare, how many lists you make, how many… Continue Reading

Moving – #3 – Tried and True Moving Tips

Moving soon? Moving within the next few years? Are you wishing to die in your home with your memories rather than making decisions on what to keep or toss? A few suggestions: Assess and categorize your belongings. Keep only what you need; clean and unbroken. Group like items together. Know what the new space in… Continue Reading