Professional Organizing

No matter our age, our innate goal is to remain in control of our lives. We may be the most tidy, intelligent person on the face of the earth, but there will come a time we need to seek professional assistance. The following is a list of professional organizing services Carol offers.

Professional Organizer Services in the Roanoke Valley and nearby communities

Home Office – Family Command Center

  • Assist you in creating the best filing system for your needs
  • Periodic maintenance to keep your office and command center organized
  • Organize important documents
  • Sort through mail and forward important mail to you

Clothing and personal possessions – Adults & Children

  • Organize: closets, dressers, clothing storage
  • Maintain order – Wardrobe seasonal switch
  • Help a grieving family member who is dealing with the belongings of the deceased
  • Donations – deliver to the charity or arrange for charity pickup

Downsizing & Decluttering

  • One room or zone at a time


  • Guidance in deciding what will fit in your new home
  • After you move, organizing your belongings in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms

Fees and Options

Schedule an initial FREE phone consultation to assess your needs.

  • Regular hours of operation, services are charged an hourly rate. We require a one-hour minimum, after that we are able to bill in 1/4 hour increments.
  • Payment is due at the time service is rendered.

If the client lives outside the Roanoke Valley, travel time will be charged in addition, at half the hourly rate.

Rates are subject to change without advance notice.

Experience, honesty, and promptness are to be valued and expected.

Jensen Services LLC – State of Virginia – Roanoke County Business License and Insured.

Proudly working with clients since 2004.