Professional Organizing Service Reviews

“In the Star Wars’ movies, Luke Skywalker made a conscious​ decision ​to learn the ways of the force under the direction of Jedi Master Obi­Wan Kenobi. I made a conscious decision ​to get my personal and professional life more organized under the direction of Master Organizer Carol Jensen. Under Kenobi, Luke slowly underwent a process ​of learning the mental concentration needed and physical body movements required to use the force. Carol has been mentoring me on a process ​of how to develop the mental concentration needed and the simple physical body movements required to make my life more organized. Luke Skywalker developed the skills of how to use the force to defeat the villains possessed by the dark side. Carol is teaching me an organizational process and the necessary skills to defeat the dark side of disorganization. Just like the skills of the force will always ​be with Luke Skywalker, the organizing skills you learn from Carol will be with you always​.

Written by Howard, who is a small business owner in the city of Salem, which is located in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia. He is a middle­aged adult. His personal and professional life require him to be very mobile. He is also beginning to take on more responsibilities for his aging parents.”   Howard – July 2015



“I thank Carol Jensen every day for all that she has taught me over the years, yes I did say years. For learning new habits requires letting go of old ones and that takes time and patience on Carol’s part as she never gave up on me.  I heard her voice as I looked at all that was before us, “set the timer, you need to set up a system, prioritize, (what to keep, what to donate, what to throw away), break it down to manageable chunks, categorize, set up zones, and on and on I heard her whispering in my ear, that you dan do this, and amazing the whole universe came together and everything that needed to happen did.”  And … “I have a history of being disorganized, taking on multiple projects. I am passionate about many things and often don’t realize the time and effort it requires to keep all the plates spinning.  At one point I began dropping those plates and I felt my world would come crashing down on me if I “didn’t get it together”.  While I have learned from Carol that one needs to be aware of “keeping things together” day by day, sometimes hour by hour, project by project, it can be done.  Is it worth the effort? You bet ya.  When you stop spinning your wheels and running around with a chicken without your head, life is more enjoyable because you have the time and energy to do those things you really love.”  Irene Malachowsky – February 2015



“Carol Jensen has helped us with several different projects since our relocation; including organizing rooms, setting up a home office and personal filing systems, and going through boxes to clean out our garage.  She has been punctual, professional, and a joy to work with on every occasion.  We are very grateful to have found her, and give Carol’s professional organizing services our highest recommendation.”  Rhonda N.

“I recently relocated to Virginia from San Diego and the timeframe I had in which to get settled was tight.  Knowing I had to have my home unpacked at least ‘functional’ within a few days after traveling; I searched online for a professional organizer and hired Carol Jensen.  The cost of this service provided the most value of my moving expense budget because I received so much for my money.  Carol Jensen sets herself apart because she has the instincts of an interior designer when it comes to placement and flow along with the fundamental knowledge about what will and won’t work.  With her kind demeanor and abundant energy, she dug in and got started until I had coffee and could join in.  While I eased in to the effort, Carol asked thoughtful questions about my likes, style and routines.  Carol created an organizational solution that works for me individually, not a “one size fits all” approach.  In addition to unpacking all boxes, unwrapping and moving stuff between three floors, Carol helped me to focus on the tasks at hand and not be overwhelmed by what was left to do.  This gave me a sense of completion and control that allowed me to sleep well that night.  Working together, amazingly, we completed the move-in and organized my home.  I can say without hesitation that Carol Jensen was most instrumental in helping me successfully start my new job and enjoy my new home.”  Joann M.

“My recent move to Roanoke came as a culmination of working two long years on a demanding, stressful project.  After taking on the task of preparing my out-of-town home for market and going through relocation, I knew it would be helpful to have someone at my destination that could help with unpacking and organizing my kitchen.  Through a web search I found Carol Jensen and I am so glad I did.  Carol is a caring, concerned person who not only cares about meeting her client’s needs but truly cares about the people she works with.  I would highly recommend Carol to anyone who needs help with organizing and simplifying their home.”
Linda D.

“Carol, I appreciate everything you’ve done to help me develop healthier housekeeping habits!  You’re a beautiful lady inside and out!”  M.I.

“Carol Jensen provides an invaluable service to those who need help decluttering, moving, and organizing. I have worked with Carol Jensen for the past four years and she has provided excellent service to some of our residents. Her services have benefited these residents and their families. I recommend her service to anyone.” Tina Nolan, Manager of Knollwood & Lake Estates, Richfield Retirement Community, Salem, VA

“You were invaluable during our last move in so many ways – all the way from organizing and packing to getting us set up in our new kitchen. It was a real pleasure to open the boxes that you had packed because the contents were so well organized. That made unpacking much less of a chore than it normally is. Your organizing skills were especially put to good use in the kitchen and helped us to get settled much more quickly than we expected.” Jenny Bradley, Roanoke, VA

“I sought the assistance of a professional organizer because it was clear, by the clutter in my multipurpose room, that what I was doing wasn’t working. Carol came into my home and immediately put me at ease. She listened to my concerns and understood my challenges. With her guidance I was able to declutter my room and implement a simple filing system to organize business, home and personal items. There was function and order back in my life! In fact, my husband was so impressed with the change that he implemented the same filing system. Her caring, professional assistance made all the difference; and as my business grows, I appreciate her continued support.” Irene Malachowsky, Troutville, VA

“What you did was so amazing and helpful to say thank you doesn’t seem to be enough (for my mom) to compare to my feelings.” Marilyn Henry, Roanoke, VA (Daughter of my dear client who passed away in Spring 2009.)

“… I walked away from this experience being quite impressed with the business acumen of Ms. Jensen and her pragmatic and businesslike approach. I witnessed first hand Ms. Jensen’s sincerity and her unquestionable integrity. Dealing with over seventy-five clients in any given year, I walked away from this experience appreciating the wisdom and expertise of Ms. Jensen and wished more clients were as organized and professional as she was.” Lacy Edwards, MKB Realtors, Roanoke, VA

“If you are in need of this kind of service I can honestly tell you that Carol Jensen approaches her work professionally. Carol will analyze the work to be accomplished and will lay out a plan to accomplish your goals. Her fees are reasonable and she follows through with her plans. If you need help organizing your home, office, or other places of disarray, Carol is the woman to get the job done.” Jerry Pace, Salem, VA

“I wish to write to express how nice it was to meet you and what good fortune it was for me that our relocation coordinator found you.  Our move from Switzerland was complicated, stressful and difficult. Your arrival was such perfect timing.  I was overwhelmed with boxes and hardly knew where to begin.  You just dug in got started, which gave me the energy and jump start to do the same.  It was a great pleasure to unpack with you, engage in such pleasant conversation and share laughs together.  After wading through pounds of cardboard and paper for two days our kitchen was finally functional, thanks to you.  You are a whiz at organizing and arranging cupboards, bookshelves and closets.  You have great knowledge of local businesses that would meet my organizational needs and I appreciate your pointing me towards them.  Additionally, your suggestion of local shops where I might find my European tastes delighted has proven a big success.  Thanks for those tips as they have made our transition back to American soil slightly less painful.  Thanks for working so hard in our home to make our settling in move along more quickly.” Sincerely,​ Amanda